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Tina K

GCSE Student

"Laurie is one of the most dedicated and lovely tutors I have had the opportunity to learn from. I was tutored by Laurie in French for two years and the improvement that I had made with her was far greater than I had made in school or with previous tutors before I had met Laurie. She is truly a wonderful teacher and her student's progress is of utmost importance to her. Everyone has one particularly favourable teacher that they have come across in their life and for me, it is Laurie. It was always a pleasure studying with Laurie and thanks to her I achieved an A* in GCSE French and perfected my accent!"

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Samal B

Graduate student, received tutoring on dissertation for completing the Masters Program

"I am extremely pleased with the teaching I have received from Hillgate Tutors. As a graduate student, I got some very helpful suggestions on my dissertation. My tutor, an experienced teacher, guided me through the project, pointed out my mistakes and made useful comments on the overall paper: what I should add, omit and rewrite. The whole process of working with such teacher made me look at the project from a different angle and at the end I was happy with the result of my dissertation and the mark I have received. I have learned a lot and had an amazing experience!"

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Westminster School student

GCSE and Westminster Entrance exams

"Laurie was always there for me when it came to my GCSE French and before that. With her never ending help and support, I achieved the top grade, A*, at GCSE and a very impressive A grade at the highly competitive Westminster scholarship exams. Laurie came to every lesson prepared and willing for the 5 years that she has been teaching me. Her talent of making the lesson fun and at the same time educational and relevant always shone throughout every session. I would highly recommend her to everyone of all abilities and ages."

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French Tuition, Secondary School pupil

"Laurie taught my 13-year old son for over 3 years and I can identify countless merits about her. Laurie has an excellent personality, making the lesson more interesting and exciting, and so provides a great working atmosphere. Laurie has an extensive knowledge of French that can be applied to all levels. Not only has his French grammar improved enormously, his vocabulary and knowledge about French culture have been enhanced. Laurie also frequently uses online resources, where applicable, and so my son, being very IT-adept, can engage further with the lesson. Finally, Laurie does not exhaust the pupil with endless exercises but also provides a small treat at the end. For example, reading two or three pages of Tintin in French, which keeps the lesson fun but still educational. Of course, we cannot forget the occasional French chocolate or treat that she offers! Laurie is an excellent teacher and I would fully recommend her. She has extensively increased my son's knowledge of French, and he managed to get an A at the Westminster scholarship exams."

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Joanna M

A-Level Sciences Tuition

"Wonderful support from Hillgate dedicated and devoted Tutors at all times. We appreciated that we could speak directly to Laurie and there was no long waiting period to organise tutoring. Thank you so much, Laurie!"

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Julian D

Mathematics Tuition

"A very efficient, high calibre institution devoted to academic support and good grades. Both my sons had difficulties with Maths and English, and the tutors managed to get them to feel confident about these subjects and actually get to like them! It was such a great experience with Hillgate Tutors. Thank you!"

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Denis K

English Tuition, Primary School pupil

"Hillgate Tutors provided us with a wonderful English tutor for our daughter Eleonora for over a year. We are very pleased with the progress our daughter made at school and how much she enjoyed her classes. They were fun and very professional. I would recommend Hillgate Tutors to anyone wishing to have the best academic support!"

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Anastasia K

GCSE Biology Tuition

"Hillgate Tutors helped me to get from below the pass grade to a high grade very quickly! Thank you so much for your help!"

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